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epitaph for my heart [entries|friends|calendar]

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i dunno who i borrowed this from... [28 Sep 2004|12:06pm]
[ mood | content ]

Thirteen random things you like:
01 – intellectual epiphanies
02 – producing great writing
03 – teri
04 – gnocchi
05 – diamond studs
06 – san francisco
07 – graduating
08 – straight hair
09 – thrillers
10 – wes anderson
11 – sex. good sex.
12 – kissing.
13 – well-fitting bras.

Twelve movies:
01 – shaun of the dead
02 – all of peter jackson's spoof horrors
03 – before sunrise/sunset
04 – lost in translation
05 – this is spinal tap
06 – sur mes levres
07 – anatomie
08 – thesis
09 – nattevagten
10 – postcards from the edge
11 – withnail & i
12 – gosford park

Eleven good bands/artists:
01 – joni mitchell
02 – elliot smith
03 – joanna newsom
04 – sufjan stevens
05 – the shins
06 – scissor sisters
07 – bob dylan
08 – the la's
09 – magnetic fields
10 – graham nash
11 – david bowie

Ten things about you ... physically:
01 – my ass is large.
02 – my boobs are large.
03 – my waist is small.
04 – my hips sit low.
05 – my eyebrows take a lot of upkeep
06 – my nose-stud isnt exactly where i wanted it
07 – i bite my nails
08 – my hair is wavy in a really unattractive way
09 – i have buck teeth
10 – i have semi-flat feet

Nine good friends:(in no order)
01 – teri
02 – nicole
03 – cory
04 – caroline
05 – lesley
06 – james
07 – cheryl
08 – dana
09 – andy

Eight favorite foods/drinks:
01 – shirley temples
02 – coke with a lemon
03 – real lemonade
04 – peppermint tea
05 – chocolate cake
06 – shepherd's pie
07 – udon noodles
08 – strawberries

Seven things you wear daily in summertime:
01 – undies!
02 – tank tops
03 – flip flops
04 – danglies!
05 – wrist accessories
06 – light bottoms
07 – nail polish on my toes! (uhm, sometimes)

Six things that annoy you:
01 – frizzy hair
02 – not understanding
03 – emotional hostage taking
04 – my voice
05 – long toe nails
06 – loud/close talkers

Five things you touch everyday:
01 – my laptop
02 – my wallet
03 – my hair
04 – my toothbrush
05 – my keys

Four shows you watch:
01 - the o.c.
02 - nip/tuck
03 - jimminy glick
04 - gilmore girls

Three Daily Activities
01 - email
02 - reading
03 - sleepies

Two Songs That Make You Cry
01 - epitaph for my heart - mag. fields
02 - there she goes - the la's

One Thing You Wish You Could Change
01 - corporate fascism (ghod, i sound like an activist)

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good things this week [17 Sep 2004|04:29pm]

1. andi accepting my bitch pitch on brief encounters in film
2. joshie telling me how much he likes me (*swoons*)
3. grapevine editors showering me with praise
4. todd helping me out with plans to move to san francisco once i graduate (in 8 months!!!)
5. settling on a topic for my ryerson review feature: the stigma surrounding mental illness in canada due to inadequate health reporting
6. teri moving downtown :~)

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[22 Aug 2004|10:27pm]

yep, those are my boobs modelling Bitch merch. my editor said the black bra straps made me look more "street". i got to keep the tank...u can imagine the brilliant comments it provokes.

i cant stop staring at my overbite. yikes.

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survey says... [20 Aug 2004|05:25pm]
Post a (real) memory of me.
It can be anything you want.
Then post this to your journal.
See what people remember of you.
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nice... [02 Aug 2004|04:16pm]

i hate Chloe Sevigny so much that this billboard (on Sunset Boulevard) kinda makes me happy. which is, like, horrible since i shouldnt be promoting the objectification of women, but rampant hatred of CS trumps feminism sometimes :/

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The Great American Music Hall presents Sufjan Stevens [01 Aug 2004|01:40pm]
[ mood | tired ]

went to a really great show last night at the Great American Music Hall...probably one of the best ones ive been to in my life. headlining was Detroit, Michigan's answer to Adonis, Sufjan Stevens, and the opening act was Joanna Newsom. i didnt know one room could contain so much cute. highlights:

Joanna Newsom

as adorable as u could imagine. she actually looks a lot like Patricia Arquette (especially her profile, which i saw a lot of as i was standing near her during the Sufjan set) and is a great live performer. im not so crazy about her voice (if u like it, tho, its great in the flesh) but her lyrics meld beautifully with her music. and she plays the harp like its a ukelele :) ive only ever seen those creepy 70s women with long flowing hair playing the harp like mermaids might but JN plays it like shes actually have a grand ol' time. oh, and she was wearing a really adorable cowgirl type outfit with red cowboy boots and all--she was like the 21-yr-old version of Gertie.

Sufjan Stevens

man, i dont know what to say except that, live, his voice has this, like, mythical quality to it. i know its gorgeous on the CD but hearing it live, its like u dont have to pinch yerself to know its not a dream or something. he was a lot smaller than i thot he would be (probably about 5'7") and he was quite nervous so he tended to ramble a lot. but he was very sweet in his boy scout uniform (his back-up band, the Michigian Militia, was wearing it too; including this one member, the girl who plays the xylophone, who looked like a drop-dead cross between Bijou Philips and Angelina Jolie..i could hardly keep my legs together) and told the cute stories behind each song :) i think i could marry him despite his devout religiousness.

after the show i was dead exhausted but because the BART doesnt run past 12 (it was 1:30 by the time we got out--Sufjan played "Romulus" as his encore. *SWOON*), i had to somnambulate with C to a party she wanted to attend. fortunately, the party was pretty much deflated by the time we got there so we ended up going back to her place to sleep. whee! her couch was really comfy. she also invited me to go out next weekend with her to this thing her crush-bf is DJing at...la! will be fun (is the same club as the last DJ thing, which is partially why im going...i need another swig of that bizarro Jamaican ginger ale from Hades).

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it gets easier... [18 Jul 2004|08:57pm]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

ive started to feel a whole lot better about the whole Andy situation because this weekend has been good. yesterday, i was supposed to leave in the late afternoon to meet my coworker for dinner and a movie. i ended up leaving the house way earlier because i realised i was starting to wallow in the whole andy-email from friday. so, basically i left and decided to shop a little (i tend not to wallow my misery in expenditure but this time i think it helped a bit ;)) and ended up buying the following:

1. 10th Anniversary Edition of Reality Bites - a must to find solace about a bad break up, it also has a ton of great extra features for those of us who care.
2. Singles - i guess i was having a Gen-X moment but nothing seems to make me feel better about a break up than a movie full of diet coke, Seattle, messy hair and black t-shirts (and Scott Campbell is delectable as ever..he wears that grey hair almost as well as George Clooney)
3. Green Tea Oil Freshener (Body Shop) - it also helps to look luminous when u feel like shit. its like yer outside starts melting to your core and you cant help but start feeling a little sunnier.

so, Cheryl and i met at the 16th St/Mission BART and walked all the way to this tiny Mexican restaurant (nobody does Mexican food like the Californians) where we spent an hour talking about what a bastard whatshisnuts is and about her current crush, this local DJ. we then stopped at a video store close to her place (we actually wanted to see Before Sunset but it wasnt playing anywhere close by) where the clerk was playing what looked like a fucked up snuff film of some kind. i think ive started exhausting my social movie list cause we spent AGES there and ended up leaving with The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys (not brilliant but, meh).

anyway, we watched the movie in her gorgeous apartment--all hardwood floors and bay windows--and then while she changed into something hot (we were going to a club where her crush was DJ-ing) i ate Laffy Taffy and complained about not being able to have sex for the rest of my San Francisco trip. heh. Cheryl was ready about half an hour later and she looked absolutely delectable, in fact shed prolly look delectable in a paper bag. NB. i was wearing a black tank (to match my newly dyed black hair), a kneelength a-line jean skirt and my brown suede boots...very Samantha Mathis in Pump Up the Volume.

the club-bar that we went to was actually really nice, i think it was called XY or something. it was pretty ritzy with red and green lights lighting the back of the bar and minimal decoration...the furniture was kinda art deco...i guess it had kinda a yuppie crowd but whatever, i have nothing against yuppies since i will probably become one *or not* anyway, i found us a place (and ordered this completely tongue-numbing ginger ale that was a Jamaican export or something) and Cheryl found a friend of hers, this surfer guy who ended up being really nice--he also knew someone else with the name Soraya (that became a theme that night, actually). his friend, James, joined us a bit later and i talked to him about his business degree (he said he was specialising in entrepreneurship, which i found odd since i thot all business had its seed in entrepreneurship anyway). i was later told that this was actually James Kim, drummer from the band Court & Spark. eat that Peter Mitton (hes the drummer from Manitoba who was also in my journalism class last year)! there was this one guy who came to talk with us, he was this Polish friend of Cheryl's surfer friend, and he was absolutely gorgeous in this aryan dimpled sort of way...too bad he had a fiancee. durr.

hmm, Peaches has quite a lovely voice when she isnt growling about cunts. also, the frontman of Court & Spark looks deelish:

Court & Spark

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[10 Jul 2004|08:04pm]

the beautiful Angelina gets a famous Thai tattoo artist to draw a tiger on her back. *sigh* she's perfection.

now im going to write an article on Nip/Tuck.
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full to overflowing [30 Jun 2004|02:38pm]

it feels like i havent updated in a thousand years and, in fact, this is just to organize my head. cause i know ill check lj but im not completely convinced id check a makeshift dayplanner.

articles i have to write for the mag's fall issue (i just kept saying yes :/):

1. two love/shoves - one on Nip/Tuck (pornographic schlock) and one on this other thing that i forget (no one else wanted to do it)
2. one book review - Border-Line Personalities by Robyn Moreno and Michelle Herrera Mulligan
3. one column - on mockumentary tv (primarily Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Office)
4. one feature - im actually researching it for Andi. la.

all that in addition to updating the Grapevine Culture news multiple times a week. *breathes* ohk, i can do this :/

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[02 Jun 2004|10:44am]
[ mood | awake ]

holy fuck, James Mercer is so delicious it makes me sick. i went to The Shins last night, they were playing at The Warfield in San Francisco, and they were SO awesome. i think it mightve even been worth the 40 bucks i paid a scalper (he also gave me a kiss and asked for my number, i think he was about 60 yrs old, rolf). i kinda miss their old guy, the bald one, who is now replaced by Dave Hernandez (i think) but DH is kinda hot too so, whatevski. but, anyway, yah, so JM has been working out or SOMETHING because everytime he flexed his muscles (to play a fast song or something) he had these adorable muscles. i was like drooling all over the stage (i was in about the third row). he also does this face when hes straining for a particularly high note and he becomes SO Kevin-Spacey sexy, it KILLS me.

anyway, oh yeah, in the middle of the show this girl throws her undies on stage, these pretty pink lacey things and Marty Crandall goes:

"Oh, someone threw something on stage. Oh, they're panties...aww, and instead of a brand name, they have a phone number on them, thank you San Francisco. I'm just gonna put these somewhere where I don't have to touch them..."

hee. i luv it.

anyway, so they were a lot more energetic than they were when i last saw them--in Toronto a couple years ago at The Horseshoe. and i think it was a sign cause their last song (before the encore) was "Gone for Good" and that is totally my favourite on Chutes too Narrow, i bet JM was trying to channel me.

oh, apparently his girlfriend writes for Bitch occasionally. hrmph. i bet im a better writer :/

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[19 May 2004|05:06pm]
i luv this job. i luv writing "Bitch Intern" as a signature on letters i send to writers who submit to the magazine. and i luv California. i imagined San Francisco to be this really constrictive place but it's just like L.A. in Punch-Drunk Love..spacey and concretey and sky-y...it has room to BREATHE.

still feeling a bit daunted by arriving at midnight last night and starting work at 11 a.m. the next day. am giving self a rest tonight to get groceries and cook dinner and i'll look for housing tomorrow (i'm not needed again until Friday. actually am pleased cause finished work super speedily).

met a guy on the plane who looks like Simon Rex. is a mechanical engineer with this aquatics company (apparently the deepest water is located in Santa Cruz, where he lives, and he was in Halifax getting equipment for experiments in the deep caves of the Pacific Ocean) and kept staring at me and we finally started talking.

he has a yellow lab named Tiago and his next door neighbour works for the BBC, she is the producer for a new comedy series that's being released on the network. she refers to the main actor as "the talent". the guy, Andy (what's with this fucking name?), is coming up to San Francisco this weeked and asked if i wanted to hang out. i said yes :D so hes gonna show me around ;)
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i'll have the pancakes in the age of enlightenment [15 May 2004|10:26pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

went to Ottawa with mom and we stopped by the National Gallery and WHAT do you know, Klimt's Hope I is actually OUT of the cellar! the curators always claimed to be restoring it but after years of hearing that i had decided that it had probably been destroyed by some wayward bureaucrat. but it wasnt! and there it was, all beautiful and perfect and, without flying seven hours all the way to Vienna, i could stand with my nose an inch away from a piece of the Secession! it was truly perfection.

omg, why'm i watching this? The Glass House was sposed to be on and i got all excited about it and then, like, Swingers is on in its place. pfft. ghod i HATE Vince Vaughn in this, but he makes me laugh. ugh hes totally repulsive with his "money" and "beautiful babies" and his flawless skin.

called The Ottawa Citizen to say i couldnt do an interview with them on account of flight to San Francisco and subsequent internship, and the Night News Editor said I should "keep us in mind." AHAHAHAHA! AM JOURNALISTICALLY COVETED!

leaving Tuesday! excited/daunted!

Hope I

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hibernation [14 May 2004|07:53am]

ew, i had twelve hours of sleep. i went to bed at 7 p.m. last night cause i had a migraine but i only planned to sleep it off. but then i wake up this morning at 7 a.m. not only that, i was quite sweaty from this INVOLVED sex dream i had about Peter Sarsgaard. he gave me mushy yummy kisses. now i feel...unusual.

in other news, The Ottawa Citizen called about my job application. why did they call so late? ah well, off to San Francisco. hah! hahahaha! :/

Peter Sarsgaard

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[13 May 2004|12:42pm]
i got a haircut. i keep getting weird, different haircuts but not on purpose. yikes.

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[07 May 2004|09:11pm]

k, sometimes i creep myself out. i just watched that new Andrea Dorfman film, Love that Boy and, like, i fell in luv with the 15 yr old. his name's Adrien Dixon and hes, like, prolly still got a high-pitched CHILD's voice. its so gross and pedophilic. its just that he had this totally prepubescent confused look on his face all the time and was totally uncomplicated. k, i KNOW, ill shut up. he also has this ACCENT, i think its cause he comes from Nova Scotia, but like instead of saying "starving" he says "stehrving" like in this drawn out way. it KILLS me. k, im a total freak. ive become Ms. Whatserface who stole Pacey's flower in Dawson's Creek. now im watching Beeltjuice cause basically thru this crush ive become a creepified Tim Burton creation.

Adrien Dixon

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best natalie p update ever [06 May 2004|09:18pm]
[ mood | surprised ]

k, like, my whole life has turned upside down. Natalie fucking Portman smokes. ghod, shes sposed to be so PURE. wtf?

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[03 May 2004|09:58am]
[ mood | allergie-d ]

im seriously in LOVE with the way Rachel McAdams looks. shes 28 and plays the head "mean girl", Regina George, in Mean Girls. if u can fault the movie for anything, it cant be for casting her cause shes the EPITOME of the perfect-looking girl...if she was in my high school id prolly have wet dreams about her. *sigh* move over Marissa Cooper, yer being displaced by an almost 30-something. GAHAHAHAHA!

oh, and RM's from London, Ontario. heh.

Rachel McAdams

am in kingston till i leave for San Francisco at the end of the month. am basically just looking for an apartment, a job and coming up with story ideas. am also reading The Tin Drum (erm, creepy?) and renting bad movies, like, i think i may rent that crappy movie about the guy who is given a makeover to become popular, Love Don't Cost a Thing?

in other news, Michael Jackson's underwear have been seized and Scarlett Johanssen was chastised by Naomi Watts even tho it was Heath Ledger who was flirting with her. Watts needs to take a pill, she needs to remember where she came from...i.e. playing second fiddle to Thandie Newton in Flirting.

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california here we come [24 Apr 2004|08:57am]

hanging out in mom's office at the hospital while she does rounds. have strong belief it may be unethical to make yer doctors work on a saturday morning, at 9 a.m. no less.

im waiting cause mom got all creepy about me having no pants. ive been wearing the same pair of ripped jeans all week BUT i can explain...

i initially thot i was coming to Kingston just for the weekend so i only brought a couple shirts and my pants and a skirt. i havent been wearing the skirt tho because, like, gimme a break, im on HOLIDAY, i shouldnt have to go to the trouble of pulling on tights...err...so, yah, these jeans. every. day.

and this morning my mom and i have the following convo:

mom- soya, dont u have any pants?
me- yah? whaddaya mean?
mom- uve been wearing the same GROSS jeans for a week
me- oooh, well, i thot i was coming for less time so these're all i packed
mom- go buy some more
me- uhm, i just said they're all i packed but my other pants DO still exist, they just happen to be in Toronto
mom- u should go to the Gap or American Eagle...
me- uhm...mom...
mom- *getting up to shower* take the dog out and we'll go...

i think my mom has selective deafness or something.

incidentally, i now have about a month before i have to fly to Oakland, California! this month i have to:

1. find a job in San Francisco Bay Area
2. find a home in same
3. read past issues of Bitch, in their entirety
4. come up with story ideas for upcoming three issues of mag
5. pack (but this shouldnt take too long)
6. sublet new bachelor apartment
7. find someone to replace me in my old apartment
8. see friends as much as possible before leaving


i rented FIght Club yesterday. meh. have no inclination to watch it. hate it when rent impetuously.

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[22 Apr 2004|02:39pm]


it starts at the end of May and i will be in Oakland, California!


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adventures in epilation [21 Apr 2004|08:31pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

note to self: never ever attempt to wax own bikini line ever again. ever.

have spent the better part of 30 minutes applying and gingerly removing monstrous wax strips off pubic area only to find giant purple welts where once was hair; am not sure which is preferable, hair or broken capillaries. am now worried that will die of embolism or similar while sad first-aid plaster attempts to cover shameful bruises.

first time ive ever had a bikini wax was a month ago while visiting south america. my mother and i were taking a week-long beach holiday and had decided to treat ourselves to a visit to the salon. but being that id never had a bikini wax and was, for the first time, scheduled for one, that "treat" soon became hadean horror.

a manly looking woman ushered me into a tiny room which had as many scary-looking metal instruments as a dental office. she motioned for me to remove my pants and drape a sheet over my still-pantied lower half, which i did (hardly wishing to summon the wrath of mustachioed potential mother of 12). she then proceeded to efficiently and heartlessly apply and rip off dozens of strips of wax--each rip bearing the pain akin to that afflicting centuries of estonians, mozambiquans or similar.

once she was finished, i ripped up my pants over naked pubic area in manner of abused patient of obstetrician. unfortunately, could not flee with the speed i intended as was in too much pain so waddled out of the room with the dogged determination of a newborn duck to its ma.

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